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Pope County Farm Bureau
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1805 E Parkway Dr
Russellville, AR 72802
Fax Number:    479-968-1378

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Office Personnel:

Richard Pierce, Agency Manager        Email
Marty McDaniel, Agent                           Email
Chase Smtih, Agent                                Email
Mark Johnson, Agent                              Email
Rick Adkins, Agent                                  Email

Emily Webb, MSR Manager                  Email
Brittany Moody, MSR                            Email


Learn more about becoming a Farm Bureau Volunteer and helping within Pope County.
Women's Committee: Each year, Farm Bureau Women's Committee volunteers from across the state participate in:
Ag-in-classroom, a nationally organized litercy among school children, teachers and administrators.
Statewide Women's Conference, held annually in Little Rock. It provides opportunities for learning and sharing information, and networking with county committees from across the state.
Food Check-out Wee, this is an opportunity for county Women's Committees to communicate to consumers that America's farmers and ranchers are committed to producing safe and affordable food.
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If you would like to volunteer on this committee email us and we will be happy to talk with you about what the committee does.

Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee:  Purpose is to increase member involvement in Farm Bureau, get young members acquainted with Farm Bureau, develop capable leadership, and build enthusiasm in Farm Bureau.   For more information about this committee click here.
If you would like to volunteer on this committee email us and we will be happy to talk with you about what the committee does.


Mash Education Program
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Teen Challenge Brochure
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National Leadership
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Farm Bureau is concerned with saving lives and preventing injuries. Check out our Safety Education programs
tha we offer.  To see a list of all the progrmas click here.


Board Members:

Jeff Small,  President
Jason Drew, Vice President
Lance Martin, Treasurer
Craig Bailey
Jim Bocksnick
Randy Clark
Don Guess
Mack Hayden
Matt Hoien
Ida Ruth Jones
Tom Jones
Charles Metz
Jay Price
Gary Rowlands
Lisa Smith
Steven Sumners
Dustin Tackett
Chris Vincent
Roger White
Randy Young


Hay List and Database:

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Current Events:

Annual Convention 2014
 Pope County Farm Bureau Board Meeting, 2/9/2015
 State Legislators Trevor Drown, Mary Bentley, and Ken Henderson
 State Legislators Greg Standridge, Trevor Drown, Mary Bentley, and Ken Henderson
Back Row: State Legislator Greg Standridge, State Legislator Trevor Drown, State Board Member Tom Jones, and State Legislator Ken Henderson
Front Row: Pope County Farm Bureau President Jeff Small, State Legislator Mary Bentley and Yell County Farm Bureau President Tommy Fink.

Agricultural Profile


2007 Census of Agriculture
Average Age of Farmer 57
Number of Farms (farms) 1,080
Primary occupation is Farming 436
Land in Farms (acres) 153,693
Rented Land (acres) 38,925
Irrigated land (acres) 4,048
Market value of land & buildings ($1000) $444,991
Land & buildings avg per acre ($) $2,895
Market value of Equipment ($1000) $69,166
Government payments ($1000) $334

Type of Organization

2007 Census of Agriculture
Family or individual (farms) 969
Family or individual (acres) 128,334
Partnership (farms) 80
Partnership (acres) 14,204
Corporation - Family Held (farms) 20
Corporation - Family Held (acres) 9,195
Other (farms) 6
Other (farms) 5
Other (acres) 505
Other (acres) 1,455

Farm Income

Bureau of Economic Analysis
($1,000 unless otherwise stated) 5-Yr Average 2008
Total Cash Receipts & Other Income* $152,129 $143,371
    Cash Receipts: Livestock & Products $139,000 $132,992
    Cash Receipts: Crops $5,599 $2,960
    Other Income $7,530 $7,419
Total Production Expenses $121,973 $141,046
    Feed Purchased $39,306 $55,685
    Livestock Purchased $31,720 $28,223
    Seed Purchased $411 $628
    Fertilizer & Lime (incl ag Chemicals) $1,842 $2,194
    Petroleum Products $3,339 $3,122
    Hired Farm Labor Expenses $3,563 $3,450
    All Other Production Expenses $41,792 $47,744
Realized Net Income $30,156 $2,325

Commodity Profile


Cattle Inventory NASS 2010: Other data 2007 Census
  Number of Farms Inventory
All Cattle 679 38,500
Beef Cows 611
Milk Cows 2 (D)
Swine 41 20,886
Horses 314 2,149
Broilers 79 7,013,239
Layers >20 Weeks 79 318,199
Pullets 10 (D)
Turkeys 5 18
Aquaculture -


NASS 2009 Production Data:
2007 Census Farm Numbers
    Number of Farms Acres Production
Corn  bushel 10 1,300 188,000
Soybeans  bushel 15 9,100 235,000
Hay dry tons 616 38,010 87,365
Orchards 20 140
Vegetables 22 72


2009 Forest Inventory and Analysis Arkansas Forestry Commission
Land Area (Acres) Land by Ownership (Acres) Harvested Timber (Tons)
Forestland 383,179 Private 167,423 43.7 % Pine 145,079
Total 533,628 State Local 6,054 1.6 % Hardwood 44,019
Percent 71.8 % Federal 209,702 54.7 % Total Tonage 189,098

Economic Profile

Employee Compensation by Sector

Bureau of Economic Analysis
($1,000 unless otherwise stated) 5-Yr Average 2008
Farm Employee Compensation $2,772 $2,888
Private Employee Compensation $905,583 $936,231
    Manufacturing $211,317 $204,389
        Food manufacturing $94,436 $105,036
        Wood product manufacturing $18,355 $18,060
        Paper manufacturing $14,594
Gov & Gov enterprises $188,669 $218,890
Employee Compensation, recv'd $1,097,024 $1,158,009
Total avg comp per job (dollars) $38,093 $41,188


Bureau of Economic Analysis
5-Yr Average 2008
Private employment 28,815 27,959
    Manufacturing 4,980 4,525
Gov & Gov enterprises 4,339 4,641
Farm employment 1,069 1,096
Total employment 34,222 33,696

Personal Income

Bureau of Economic Analysis
5-Yr Average 2008
Personal income ($1,000) $1,535,447 $1,691,863
Per capita personal income $26,386 $28,098
Full & part-time employment 34,222 33,696
Population 58,193 60,213

(D) indicates the data is not shown to avoid disclosure of confidential innumFormation, but the estimates for this item are included in the totals.
(L) Less than $50,000, but the estimates for this item are included in the totals.