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Saline County Farm Bureau
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1700 Hot Springs Hwy
Benton, AR 72015-2116
119 Broadway Ave
Bryant, AR 72022
Other Contact Information for Saline County Farm Bureau:
Fax: 501-315-3952 Benton Office
Fax: 501-653-2202 Bryant Office 

Kim Rhodes:  Email   
Dee Sanford:  Email
Lisa Noble: Email                   Robert Balentine: Email           Steve Glover: Email
Steve Eddleman: Email          Jeff Handly: Email                   Ken Daves: Email
Randy Collins: Email              Michael Perkins: Email             Brent Barker: Email
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1. Search the app store for MY DEALS MOBILE.  You will also need a password to complete the download. It is 101540plus your membership number.  You can use the app to search for participating locations close to your location (by GPS) or by ZIP code.
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Learn more about becoming a Farm Bureau Volunteer and helping within Saline County.
Women's Committee: Each year, Farm Bureau Women's Committee volunteers from across the state participate in:
Ag-in-classroom, a nationally organized litercy among school children, teachers and administrators.
Statewide Women's Conference, held annually in Little Rock. It provides opportunities for learning and sharing information, and networking with county committees from across the state.
Food Check-out Week, this is an opportunity for county Women's Committees to communicate to consumers that America's farmers and ranchers are committed to producing safe and affordable food.
Click here for more information.
If you would like to volunteer on this committee email us and we will be happy to talk with you about what the committee does.

Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee:  Purpose is to increase member involvement in Farm Bureau, get young members acquainted with Farm Bureau, develop capable leadership, and build enthusiasm in Farm Bureau.   For more information about this committee click here.
If you would like to volunteer on this committee email us and we will be happy to talk with you about what the committee does.

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Click here for directions from Hot Springs
Saline County Annual Meeting will be held on October 5th, 2015, 6:30 p.m. @  the Senior Adult Center. 
If you would like to attend please call the county office at 501-315-0676. 
Saline County Farm Bureau Scholarship Application.
Once the Application is complete and ready to be turned in you can Email to Kim @ or, bring it by the office, or mail it to us at Saline County Farm Bureau, Attn Kim Rhodes, PO Box 625, Benton, Ar, 72018. Good Luck!!!!

Saline County Farm Bureau Scholarship.docx

Infant Car Seat Progam
Child Car Safety Seat Order Form Click here.

Farm Bureau is concerned with saving lives and preventing injuries. Check out our Safety Education programs
tha we offer.  To see a list of all the progrmas click here.


Supporting our Committee:
November 2015
Sponsored Saline County 4-H Awards Banquet
December 2015
Sponsored a child at Christmas time. Received a child from the Salvation Army.
Safety Programs and Contest given in Saline County this year...
Slaine County Farm Bureau Rewarded 4 students with a scholarship........
Scholarship Winner...   Mollie Elliott.... Sophomore College....  Field of Study will be Occupational Therapy
                                     Tiffany Robinson....Sophomore College...Field of Study will be Kinesiology
                                     Addison Jacobs... Senior College.... Field of Study will be Plant and Soil Science
                                     Bailey Balisterri.... Freshman College... Field of Study will be Bachelor of Science and Masters                                                                                                                                                      in Speech-Language Pathology
                                     Laura Helmich......Freshman College... Field of Study will be Education
Farm Family Of The Year for Saline County: Chris and Connie Helmich                                                                                            __________________________________________________________________________________

Saline County Farm Bureau Board Members.

Tim King                                                      Kim Brooks
Gilbert Jenkins                                            Larry Harris
Maurice Robinson                                       Randy Robinson  
A.V. Styles                                                  Tim Pruett                                         
Billy Grace                                                  Tommy James    
Garry McCormick
Dick Hoffman
Terry Moseley
Tom Leslie
Dustin Parson
Craig Elliott
Bill McLehaney
Susanna McLehaney
Michael Brooks
Damon Helton
Aaron James
Johnny Gravett

Honorary Board Of Directors:
Waylon Moren
Faye Moren
E.C. Bailey
George Davis

Agricultural Profile


2007 Census of Agriculture
Average Age of Farmer 58
Number of Farms (farms) 371
Primary occupation is Farming 141
Land in Farms (acres) 44,782
Rented Land (acres) 12,436
Irrigated land (acres) 775
Market value of land & buildings ($1000) $139,494
Land & buildings avg per acre ($) $3,115
Market value of Equipment ($1000) $21,852
Government payments ($1000) $31

Type of Organization

2007 Census of Agriculture
Family or individual (farms) 338
Family or individual (acres) 39,530
Partnership (farms) 20
Partnership (acres) 3,337
Corporation - Family Held (farms) 8
Corporation - Family Held (acres) 1,212
Other (farms) 3
Other (farms) 2
Other (acres) (D)
Other (acres) (D)

Farm Income

Bureau of Economic Analysis
($1,000 unless otherwise stated) 5-Yr Average 2008
Total Cash Receipts & Other Income* $8,602 $7,202
    Cash Receipts: Livestock & Products $3,807 $2,416
    Cash Receipts: Crops $2,834 $2,711
    Other Income $1,961 $2,075
Total Production Expenses $7,204 $7,415
    Feed Purchased $741 $1,067
    Livestock Purchased $297 $188
    Seed Purchased $64
    Fertilizer & Lime (incl ag Chemicals) $328 $251
    Petroleum Products $452 $394
    Hired Farm Labor Expenses $357 $304
    All Other Production Expenses $4,966 $5,167
Realized Net Income $1,398 -$213

Commodity Profile


Cattle Inventory NASS 2010: Other data 2007 Census
  Number of Farms Inventory
All Cattle 179 7,000
Beef Cows 159 4,300
Milk Cows 5 247
Swine 12 60
Horses 145 1,134
Broilers - -
Layers >20 Weeks 41 906
Pullets 5 (D)
Turkeys 6 21
Aquaculture 1


NASS 2009 Production Data:
2007 Census Farm Numbers
    Number of Farms Acres Production
Hay dry tons 143 10,701 21,636
Orchards 3 (D)
Vegetables 20 142


2009 Forest Inventory and Analysis Arkansas Forestry Commission
Land Area (Acres) Land by Ownership (Acres) Harvested Timber (Tons)
Forestland 79,761 Private 267,215 335.0 % Pine 1,011
Total 433,842 State Local 16,499 20.7 % Hardwood 16,571
Percent 18.4 % Federal -203,953 -255.7 % Total Tonage 17,582

Economic Profile

Employee Compensation by Sector

Bureau of Economic Analysis
($1,000 unless otherwise stated) 5-Yr Average 2008
Farm Employee Compensation $180 $199
Private Employee Compensation $589,263 $631,219
    Manufacturing $90,911 $72,090
        Food manufacturing $761 $605
        Wood product manufacturing $7,431 $7,098
        Paper manufacturing $4,515
Gov & Gov enterprises $212,919 $253,981
Employee Compensation, recv'd $802,363 $885,399
Total avg comp per job (dollars) $36,270 $38,968


Bureau of Economic Analysis
5-Yr Average 2008
Private employment 23,182 23,846
    Manufacturing 1,831 1,346
Gov & Gov enterprises 4,770 5,154
Farm employment 364 352
Total employment 28,316 29,352

Personal Income

Bureau of Economic Analysis
5-Yr Average 2008
Personal income ($1,000) $3,057,577 $3,757,552
Per capita personal income $32,950 $37,784
Full & part-time employment 28,316 29,352
Population 92,795 99,448

(D) indicates the data is not shown to avoid disclosure of confidential innumFormation, but the estimates for this item are included in the totals.
(L) Less than $50,000, but the estimates for this item are included in the totals.