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Scott County Farm Bureau
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1809 Rice St
Waldron, AR 72958

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      The 2016 Scott County Fair Political Pie Super and Chili Dinner will take place on Feb. 20, 2016 at the Home Economics building on the Scott County Fairgrounds. Dinner will be served for $5.00 a plate, all you can eat chili, drinks, and crackers/corn bread. All proceeds will go toward the 2016 Fair





Scott County Board Members

Dan Wright - President
Mike Richardson - Vice President
Terry Beaty
Mike Carson
Todd Johnston
Brian Jones
Buck Mathews
James Nelson
Jack Parish
Howard Robinson
Jim Wilcox
Michael Williams
Dan Yandell
Daniel Free
Ted Phipps
               Learn more about becoming a Farm Bureau Volunteer and helping within Scott County
      Women's Committee: Each year, Farm Bureau Women's Committee volunteers from across the state participate in:
Ag-in-classroom, a nationally organized litercy among school children, teachers and administrators.
Statewide Women's Conference, held annually in Little Rock. It provides opportunities for learning and sharing information, and networking with county committees from across the state.
     Young Farmers & Ranchers CommitteePurpose is to increase member involvement in Farm Bureau, get young members acquainted with Farm Bureau, develop capable leadership, and build enthusiasm in Farm Bureau.   For more information about this committee click here      
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Arkansas Farm Bureau Members receive a $100 discount on 4’X6’ and 4’X8’ safe rooms with normal delivery and installation. $200 discount on larger units.  Similar discounts offered on underground shelters.
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Agricultural Profile


2007 Census of Agriculture
Average Age of Farmer 58
Number of Farms (farms) 593
Primary occupation is Farming 346
Land in Farms (acres) 96,465
Rented Land (acres) 22,200
Irrigated land (acres) (D)
Market value of land & buildings ($1000) $240,433
Land & buildings avg per acre ($) $2,492
Market value of Equipment ($1000) $37,563
Government payments ($1000) $111

Type of Organization

2007 Census of Agriculture
Family or individual (farms) 555
Family or individual (acres) 88,630
Partnership (farms) 31
Partnership (acres) 4,331
Corporation - Family Held (farms) 6
Corporation - Family Held (acres) (D)
Other (farms) 1
Other (farms) -
Other (acres) (D)
Other (acres) -

Farm Income

Bureau of Economic Analysis
($1,000 unless otherwise stated) 5-Yr Average 2008
Total Cash Receipts & Other Income* $109,055 $104,244
    Cash Receipts: Livestock & Products $106,201 $101,587
    Cash Receipts: Crops $1,449 $1,488
    Other Income $1,405 $1,169
Total Production Expenses $85,342 $102,247
    Feed Purchased $30,125 $42,451
    Livestock Purchased $22,327 $21,563
    Seed Purchased
    Fertilizer & Lime (incl ag Chemicals) $475 $511
    Petroleum Products $2,086 $1,944
    Hired Farm Labor Expenses $1,999 $1,785
    All Other Production Expenses $28,330 $33,959
Realized Net Income $23,713 $1,997

Commodity Profile


Cattle Inventory NASS 2010: Other data 2007 Census
  Number of Farms Inventory
All Cattle 442 22,000
Beef Cows 405 13,600
Milk Cows 9 257
Swine 9 75
Horses 147 841
Broilers 57 5,035,676
Layers >20 Weeks 66 482,261
Pullets 18 317,097
Turkeys 2 (D)
Aquaculture -


NASS 2009 Production Data:
2007 Census Farm Numbers
    Number of Farms Acres Production
Hay dry tons 377 24,734 52,162
Orchards 1 (D)
Vegetables 5 9


2009 Forest Inventory and Analysis Arkansas Forestry Commission
Land Area (Acres) Land by Ownership (Acres) Harvested Timber (Tons)
Forestland 311,504 Private 108,668 34.9 % Pine 276,711
Total 565,516 State Local 0 0.0 % Hardwood 48,253
Percent 55.1 % Federal 202,836 65.1 % Total Tonage 324,964

Economic Profile

Employee Compensation by Sector

Bureau of Economic Analysis
($1,000 unless otherwise stated) 5-Yr Average 2008
Farm Employee Compensation $1,632 $1,566
Private Employee Compensation $69,156 $75,488
    Manufacturing $33,956 $36,621
        Food manufacturing
        Wood product manufacturing $7,442 $8,188
        Paper manufacturing $0 $0
Gov & Gov enterprises $23,918 $26,592
Employee Compensation, recv'd $94,706 $103,646
Total avg comp per job (dollars) $30,511 $33,019


Bureau of Economic Analysis
5-Yr Average 2008
Private employment 3,537 3,548
    Manufacturing 1,187 1,244
Gov & Gov enterprises 562 585
Farm employment 639 617
Total employment 4,737 4,750

Personal Income

Bureau of Economic Analysis
5-Yr Average 2008
Personal income ($1,000) $241,544 $249,422
Per capita personal income $21,717 $22,424
Full & part-time employment 4,737 4,750
Population 11,122 11,123

(D) indicates the data is not shown to avoid disclosure of confidential innumFormation, but the estimates for this item are included in the totals.
(L) Less than $50,000, but the estimates for this item are included in the totals.