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Member Benefits

Here's What You Get From Farm Bureau

  • Opportunity to help set legislative goals
  • The privilege to apply for insurance designed for farm and rural risks
  • FREE accidental death insurance, through a group policy with Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co. of Arkansas, Inc.
  • The right to buy a name-brand child-saver car safety seat for just $25 or a booster seat for only $15
  • Commodity market news free by Mainline phone (in some counties)
  • Chance to work with people of like interests in committees, commodity divisions, etc.
  • An awards program for young farmers and ranchers
  • Participation in a $2,500 reward plan to discourage vandalism
  • Magazine, newsletters to keep you informed
  • Legislative action alerts

It's Run by Members for Members.

Farm Bureau is run BY members, FOR members. Local Farm Bureau leaders - officers, board members, committee workers and members - decide policies the county organization will support, projects it will carry out. And those same members help decide policy that will guide state and national Farm Bureaus.

Every member who chooses to do so can have a say in policies and programs. That includes you.

Farm Bureau policy - made by members - reflects the wide range of needs and interests of those members. Issues are as far-ranging as soil testing, production research, public education, taxes, roads, trespassing, health and safety.

The organization is a force so big in numbers, so united in purpose that it cannot be ignored. Legislators and congressmen know Farm Bureau speaks for a sizable electorate, on behalf of policies written by those members.

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