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Grain & Soybean Date:

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Grains and Cotton.

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Eggs. - Daily Midwest Regional Eggs. - Daily New York Eggs.

Boilers. - BROILER/FRYER: Daily Southern .

Turkeys. - Weekly Weighted Average Prices for Whole Young Turkeys .

Cattle. - Conway Livestock Auction . - Pocahontas Livestock Auction . - Oklahoma City - Weekly Weighted Average Summary.


Local Elevators:
() EAST AR:  to
() Summ. to
River Elevators:
() MISS: to  ; AR & White to
() Summ. to
Ark. Processor Bids: ()  to  ()  to
Memphis:  ()  to  ()   to
Riceland Foods:  () Stuttgart  ; Pendleton  
 () Stuttgart  ; Pendleton  

Chicago Futures: March up 1 1/4 at  1272 1/4
  May  up  1 3/4  at  1278 3/4
  July up 1 1/2  at  1286 1/2
  November up 1 3/4  at  1264
  Today's Arkansas LDP rate for soybeans is:

Soybean Comment
Soybeans posted gains of about a penny today. A good export report and positive outside markets- lower dollar, stronger crude oil and equities- were supportive. USDA announced a 175,000 metric ton sale of beans to China today, but it is for delivery during the next marketing year. Both old and new crop have upside potential with technical objectives around $12.92.

Cash bid for at Memphis   to ;

Bids to farmers at Local Elevators ;
River Elevators ;

Chicago Futures: March up  11 1/2  at  632 1/4 
  May up at  645 3/4 
  July up  8 1/2  at  660 
  Today's Arkansas LDP rate for wheat is:

Grain Sorghum
Cash bid for at Memphis   to ;

Bids to farmers at River Elevators ;
Today's Arkansas LDP rate for sorghum is:


Cash bid for at Memphis    to ;
  at Memphis    to ;
Bids to farmers at River Elevators  to

Chicago Futures: March up  8 3/4  at  638 1/4 
  May up  7 3/4  at  641 1/4 
  July up  6 3/4  at  644 1/4 
  December up  3/4  at  564 1/2 
  Today's Arkansas LDP rate for corn is:

Grain Comment
Wheat futures closed higher but traded within yesterday’s trading range. Dry conditions across the northern plains is providing underlying support. The winter wheat crop there is said to have deteriorated significantly over the past month and soil moisture is inadequate for the upcoming spring wheat crop as well. Both old crop March and new crop July charted a bearish reversal yesterday, indicating another leg down is possible. July has support at the recent low of $6.13. Corn ended mixed today. The market appears to be super sensitive as the USDA outlook conference approaches. Inadequate soil moisture in the northern plains threatens the potential for the corn crop, however, there is still plenty of time for that situation to turn around. Upside potential appears limited at this point.

Cotton & Rice  Date:


Spot Price, Grade 41 Staple 34: Memphis   at  
  Greenwood    at 

New York Futures: March down  268  at  8857 
  May down  244  at  9053 
 July down  244  at  9188 
 October down  246  at  9270 
 December down  212  at  9119 
This week's LDP rate for cotton is  cents
  The estimate for next week is  cents
Cotton Comment
Cotton posted across the board losses today. Building world stocks and the competitive price of man-made fibers continue to weigh on the market. Smaller plantings don’t offer much support unless drought conditions in Texas and Georgia persist. Normal conditions would likely add to stocks if 13.6 million acres are planted, and that is what the National Cotton Council’s planting survey indicated. Normal yields would project a crop of 18.3 million bales or more and use is likely to reach that level. December fell below support at 92 cents, leaving the next level of support at 90 cents.


Long Grain Cash Bid for   to 

Chicago Futures: March up  90  at  1392 
 May up  90  at  14160 
 July up  9 1/2  at  1443 1/2 
 September up  7 1/2  at  1465 1/2 
 November up  4 1/2  at  1487 1/2 
Today's Arkansas LDP rate for long grain rice is 
medium grain rice is 
Rice Comment
Rice moved higher today. Inability to improve export movement continues to be negative, limiting upside potential and pushing the market toward recent support at $13.50. A close below this level brings support at $13.10 or perhaps $12.66 into play.

Cattle & Hogs  Date:

As reported by Federal-State Market News, receipts were head at sales in .  Compared with last week, feeder steers .

 Medium & Large Frame    to lbs. to
  to lbs. to
  to lbs. to
 Medium & Large Frame    to lbs. to

 Medium & Large Frame    to lbs. to
 Medium & Large Frame    to lbs. to

Slaughter Cows, Boners   to  
Light Weight to
Bulls, Yield Grade       to   lbs.     to  
Midwest Steers     at     to  
Panhandle Steers     at     to  

Oklahoma City Feeders
Steers to lbs. to
  to lbs. to
Heifers to lbs. to
  to lbs. to

Chicago Futures:
Live Cattle: February up 45 at 12935
  April up 2 at 13115
Feeders: March down 17 at 15842
  April up 2 at 16087

Cattle Comment
Cattle futures were mixed with live futures posting gains. Further gains in wholesale product prices and a weaker dollar were supportive today. Longer-term, tight supplies will provide support.

Peoria:       at     to  

Chicago Futures: at

Hogs Comment
Hog futures turned higher. Weakness in wholesale pork prices continue to limit the upside. However, strong exports are providing support and the market is trending higher, with support near $98 for June.

Poultry  Date:


New York:  Ex. Lg. ; Lg. ; Med. ;
Chicago:  Ex. Lg. ; Lg. ; Med. ;

National Turkeys

Delmarva Broilers
U.S. Grade A