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Arkansas Ag Data

As the state’s largest industry, Arkansas agriculture accounts for nearly one quarter of the state’s economic activity ($16 billion annually), and provides one out of every six jobs.

The economic importance of agriculture can’t be overstated in any discussion about our state’s many success stories.

Arkansas ranks No. 1 nationally in rice production, and is far and away the leader in baitfish production. The state is second in the number of broilers raised each year and No. 3 in catfish, cotton and turkey production. Additionally, Arkansas is the No. 5 producer of timber, the No. 8 producer of eggs, and the No. 10 producer of soybeans and grain sorghum.

The food, fiber and fuel that is provided by Arkansas agriculture keeps our state, and our nation, growing (and going) in just about every conceivable direction. Arkansas crops are the next great economic engine and is actually one that has been around as long as people have lived here.

The Arkansas ag data presented below provides an in-depth look at the impact of agriculture on Arkansas, each of its 75 counties, and each of its federal and state legislative districts.