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Commodity Communicator Weekly

June 15, 2012

RICE, SOYBEAN, WHEAT AND FEED GRAINS DIVISION MEETINGS MONDAY.....The Rice, Soybean and Wheat and Feed Grains Division meetings will be held Monday, June 19, 2012, in Stuttgart.  Attendees will have an opportunity to visit the Discovery Farm located on the Dabb's farm, and meet Justin Hensley, a candidate for the position of Rice Extension Specialist with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture.  


Cotton June 19 
 Conference Call   8:00 AM  Gene Martin
Aquaculture  June 21   Conference Call   1:00 PM  Gene Martin

MISSOURI TOWN WELCOMES PLANS FOR CARP-PROCESSING SITE. . . . .An investor said Thursday a planned Asian carp processing plant could fire up early next year, aggressively harvesting the invasive, ecologically threatening species from the nation's two biggest inland rivers that converge nearby. Word of the $5.4-million venture headed by Ben Allen's American Heartland Fish Products LLC was ballyhooed in this 700-resident town, located about 40 miles northeast of St. Louis. Regional leaders, state lawmakers and a Chinese contingent of investors attended an announcement celebration in a park by the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. American Heartland already appears to have firm footing, having landed a three-year deal to supply 35 million pounds of carp to a client in China, where the fish is popular. The plant also would market fish meal and fish oil.
PRESIDENT SIGNS EXECUTIVE ORDER FOR BROADBAND DEPLOYMENT. . . . .President Barack Obama on Thursday signed an executive order that directs federal agencies to streamline the approval process for broadband deployment on federal lands. The order requires the Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Interior, Transportation and Veterans Affairs departments, along with the U.S. Postal Service, to develop a new “uniform master contract” for leasing federal lands and buildings for all new projects. This will increase the delivery of broadband to communities, businesses and schools by requiring highway construction crews to begin laying the infrastructure of fiber-optic communication cable during all new federal construction projects.  Farm Bureau supports using a combination of tax incentives, grants and/or regulation to increase the use of broadband access in rural areas.
RECORD LAND DEMAND EXPECTED TO CONTINUE IN 2012. . . . .Demand and sales of farmland has hit record-highs this year and the pace is likely to continue through the rest of the year, according to Farmers National Company, which provides agricultural services. Predictions about the continued strength of demand for farmland is tempered by economic unpredictability in Europe, the continued potential for inflation here in the U.S. and the possibility of changes to the law that would increase capital gains taxes.  Farm Bureau supports eliminating capital gains taxes and, until that can be accomplished, supports cutting the capital gains tax rate to help farm and ranch businesses improve productivity and remain competitive in the world market.

. . . Sens. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) and Michael Crapo (R-Idaho) have filed amendment #2367 to the 2012 Farm Bill to amend the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) by clarifying that additional Clean Water Act (CWA) permits are not needed when a pesticide is applied in accordance with the FIFRA-approved label. Current co-sponsors are Sens. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) and Jim Risch (R-Idaho). The amendment would correct the 6th U.S. Circuit Court’s ruling on National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits. The language would reaffirm the purpose of FIFRA and, as a result, pesticides applied to or near water, in accordance with the FIFRA label, would not be considered a pollutant and would therefore not require an NPDES permit as required under the CWA.

SPILL PREVENTION, CONTROL AND COUNTERMEASURE AMENDMENT. . . . . Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) has filed an amendment to the 2012 Farm Bill to exempt above ground fuel tanks with an aggregate storage capacity of 12,000 gallons from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulations.  The current compliance deadline is May 10, 2013, for those farms beginning operations after August 2002. According to the EPA, farms operating prior to August 2002 should already have an SPCC Plan and should be planning to update it to meet the new requirement upon their existing plan’s expiration.

. . . . .A coalition of agricultural organizations (including Farm Bureau) sent a letter yesterday to Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., who is seeking to restrict severely antibiotic use in livestock and poultry production, pointing out the stringent federal approval process and regulation of antibiotics, the lack of human health risks from their judicious use in livestock production and the benefits they offer in food animal production.

. . . . .A Missouri-based company is on track to re-open an existing meat processing plant in Rockville, Mo., by summer's end. The Rockville facility is currently being renovated and reequipped in order to humanely process horses. The facility will be regulated and inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to ensure all horses are humanely transported and slaughtered under federal humane slaughter regulations, which provide one of the highest standards in the world. USDA will oversee and verify the food safety of all products.

CORN WEBINAR THURSDAY AT 11:00 AM. . . . .Recordings of the weekly corn producer webinars are available online at  The first two webinars covered fertilizer timing, nutrient deficiencies, insect threats and more.  The series will continue throughout the growing season on Thursdays at 11a.m.  To join the conference, follow the instructions below:

You have 3 options to join:
Option 1:  Download WebEx Ap and Join from Smartphone or Tablet
             Click the link:
            Open the Ap: Enter Meeting Number: 572 822 694 and Password: WCPU12
Option 2:  Call 1-877-668-4490
            enter Meeting Number/Access Code: 572 822 694
            when asked for attendee ID press #

Option 3:  Join from Computer  
            Click the link:
            Enter your name and email when prompted and click "Join Now".
            Say Yes or OK to any boxes which pop up
            Click Join using computer or enter your phone number area code first to have WebEx call you back

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