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Commodity Communicator Weekly

August 17, 2012

LIVESTOCK ASSISTANCE GRANTS AVAILABLE TO LIVESTOCK PRODUCERS IN ARKANSAS. . . . .Governor Beebe has set aside $2 million from the Governor’s Disaster Fund to help Arkansas ranchers during the recent persistent drought conditions. The Livestock Assistance Grant Program will help cattle, sheep and goat producers, many of whom are finding it difficult to locate, grow or afford hay and other forage for their animals. Payments will be made on a per-head basis for qualifying livestock producers who apply in the next two weeks. Applications must be filed online, hand-delivered or postmarked by Wednesday, August 29.   Look on the Farm Bureau website for the Emergency Livestock Funds application.

. . . . .Land prices in key U.S. farm states continued to soar in the second quarter, though the pace slackened as concerns over the drought pared down interest among farmers and other buyers, according to a new survey. Prices of non-irrigated farmland in a seven-state stretch of the Midwest and West rose 26 percent in the quarter through June 30, compared with a year earlier, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City said in a survey published Wednesday. Farmland prices nationwide had already nearly doubled in the past five years, as high prices for corn and other crops pushed up farmers' incomes and fueled competition with institutional investors in land auctions across the Farm Belt.

. . . . .President Barack Obama announced $170 million in government meat purchases and urge Congress to pass an agriculture bill that provides aid for farmers struck by drought, the White House said. The buys of as much as $100 million of pork, $50 million of chicken, and $10 million each of lamb and catfish come on top of $30 million in assistance to farmers and ranchers struggling with the worst combination of heat and dryness since the 1950s, the administration said. Obama is also directing the Defense Department to speed up purchases and freeze the meat for later use, the White House said in a statement. The administration said the buying will help farmers with sales as they are dealing with the effects of the drought and the government will get a better price on products than if they were bought later.

FARM BUREAU VEHICLE PURCHASE PROGRAM. . . . . Members now have a better way to buy a new or used vehicle through this easy to use program.  Benefits include in-depth price reports, target prices, estimated values and certified dealers.  The $500 GM incentive for members is already built into the system for qualifying vehicles.  Complete details at

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