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Commodity Communicator Weekly

March 1, 2013

24c LABEL APPROVED FOR AVIPEL BIRD REPELLENT USE IN ARKANSAS CORN. . . . .Last week,  the Arkansas Plant Board approved the  request for a 24c label for use of Avipel in Arkansas corn. Avipel is a seed treatment bird repellent that reduces blackbird or other bird feeding on newly planted or emerging corn. There are two formulations, a liquid version which is applied with a seed treater, or a dry hopper box treatment. The liquid version would likely be the preferred method to apply to help ensure adequate and uniform coverage on the seed.  Jason Kelley UACES

. . . . .The final deadline for farms to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency's Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Rule (SPCC) for the regulation of aboveground oil storage in tanks and other containers is May 10.  The rule calls for such things as secondary containment walls, regular inspections of tanks and piping, and creation of an SPCC plan that has to be kept onsite.  For some storage tanks, a professional engineer must be hired to oversee development.

EPA has a dedicated webpage to assist with compliance of the SPCC regulation for farmers storing more than 1,320 gallons of oil.  In addition, EPA partnered with Asmark and The Fertilizer Institute to create an online tool to help prepare self-certified SPCC plans.  If you store 10,000 gallons or less of oil and have a clean oil spill history, you may be eligible to prepare a self-certified plan.   

MARCH SUPPLY/DEMAND REPORT WEBINAR. . . . .Friday, March 8 at 12:30 p.m. . . . .The USDA will release its new U.S. and Global Agriculture Situation and Outlook tomorrow.  Join Gene Martin, Farm Bureau Senior Market Analyst and Scott Stiles, UAEX Economist will break down the report and give insight into how the report will affect the markets.  

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NEW BSE STATUS SHOULD BOOST EXPORTS. . . . .Earlier this week, the Scientific Commission for the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) notified USDA it is recommending the United States' BSE risk be upgraded from ''controlled'' to ''negligible,'' the lowest risk level in the OIE's rating system. The change will place the United States in the same category as key export competitors including Argentina, Australia and Brazil.   Canada and Mexico remain classified as controlled risk for BSE.

The upgrade in status should strengthen the position of trade negotiators in gaining access to markets for U.S. beef. Although Japan recently relaxed its age standards for U.S. beef, several other countries, including China, continue to ban or restrict imports of U.S. beef based on our history with BSE.

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