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Ag in The Classroom

Reaching Out from Farm to City

The vast majority of today's youth are two or three generations removed from the farm. Farm Bureau's award-winning "Ag-in-the-Classroom" program is an effort to re-acquaint those youth with their agrarian roots and to help them know the origins of their food and clothing through agriculture-related Arkansas curriculum frameworks, school garden grants and more.

Created in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture and educational and economic experts, the program also strives to build respect for the farming community. It's important that young people feel good about those who nurture and care for the plants and animals that are such a vital part of modern agriculture. They need to know that farmers are, above all, good stewards.

The Ag-in-the-Classroom program utilizes volunteers, both teachers and farmers, as in-classroom resources. Teachers incorporate Ag-in-the- Classroom materials with their normal, traditional Arkansas curriculum frameworks; and farmers often serve as teaching guests and distribute activity books and information on specific crops.

For more information about this program, including school garden grants and Arkansas curriculum frameworks, contact your county Farm Bureau. The Arkansas Farm Bureau also offers opportunities for Arkansas college scholarships.

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