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Best Pick Farms

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Arkansas Farm Bureau Best Pick Farm Markets
A guide to local sources of pick-your-own farms.

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Best Pick Farm Markets are operated by agricultural producers dedicated to customer satisfaction. They offer naturally ripened fruits and vegetables with color and freshness only seen on just-harvested produce—honey, sorghum, jellies, etc.

Fruits and vegetable crops are weather sensitive, so please call and check on availability before visiting your market of choice. View our guide to Harvest Seasons for Fruits and Vegetables.

Best Pick Producers
If you are a producer and would like to be included in the Best Pick listing please fill out the following form and mail it back to the indicated address. This is a free service.

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Harvest Seasons for Fruits and Vegetables

Commodity Dates*
Apples Aug. 30-Oct. 31
Asparagus March 15-May 5

June 1-July 15
Oct. 1-Oct. 31
Blackberries June 15-July 31
- Highbush
- Rabbiteye


May 1-June 15
Nov. 1-Dec. 5
Cantaloupes June 25-Aug. 20

June 10-July 15
Oct. 1-Oct. 20

May 15-Oct. 20
Aug. 20-Oct. 20
Eggplant July 5-Sept. 5
Grapes—Bunch July 10-Aug. 15
Muscadines Sept. 1-Oct. 15
Nectarines June 15-Aug. 30
Okra June 25-Oct. 15
Peaches June 15-Aug. 30
So. Peas July 1-Oct. 5
Peppers July 5-Oct. 31
Plums June-July
- Irish
- Sweet

May 15-June 15
Aug. 15-Oct. 31
Pumpkins Sept. 15-Oct. 31
Raspberries June 25-July 25
- Summer

May 15-July 15
Aug. 1-Oct. 15
Winter June 15-Oct. 31
Strawberries May 15-June 15

June 15-July 31
Oct. 1-Oct. 31
Watermelons July 5-Sept. 15