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Arkansas Rice Depot

The Arkansas Rice Depot was established to feed hungry Arkansans. It continues as a Christian and humanitarian commitment. More than 145,000 Arkansas families face hunger every day. Arkansas Rice Depot responds to this need with its statewide network of more than 250 church and community food pantries and more than 500 schools, distributing almost four million pounds of food yearly.

For over 20 years, Arkansas Rice Depot has provided food to churches and other community organizations at no charge. Over 95 percent of the budget is dedicated to buying and distributing food.

More and more children attending Arkansas schools arrive hungry or return to a home without food. children have trouble learning when they're hungry. Arkansas Rice Depot has developed a school-based program, called Food for Kids, to help these children. The program provides special "kid foods" for a quick snack at school or an easy meal at home. The food is distributed by teachers, nurses and counselors and is placed in backpacks so children can avoid the embarrassment of carrying home a sack of groceries.

To donate on-line or learn more about this wonderful program go to the Rice Depot web site at

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