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Stay Connected with Arkansas Farm Bureau!  Learn about how you can use our social media sites to stay informed! Different social media have different uses, strengths, and advantages. Arkansas Farm Bureau understands that now more than ever it’s important for farmers and ranchers to share their story with consumers. With the popularity of social media it is the perfect outlet to educate and communicate your great message and tell the wonderful story others are yearning to hear. Social media isn’t going away, here are a few tips on how you can use it to effectively share your story:

The Basics:
  • Become a fan of Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation on Facebook and connect with other Farm Bureau members, fans and agriculture enthusiasts. Share Farm Bureau’s message and content with family, friends and colleagues, recommend and comment on ag-related stories, view and share photos and video, discuss topics around specific issues and more.
  • Twitter is essentially a combination of a micro blogging tool and a social networking site. Follow @ARFB on Twitter and you can join in the conversation, receive latest information and connect to our organization.
  • Check out Arkansas Farm Bureau’s YouTube channel at for informative ag-related videos that you can share on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Seek out the outlets that work for you and create profiles. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the most popular, but there are other sites like Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Check them all out and decide what will fit into your life the best.
  • Be nice, social media is about fostering conversations.
  •  Be ready for positive and negative reactions. Respond to negativity thoughtfully and positively.
  •  Keep your audience in mind and use language anyone could understand.
  • Become a fan or follower of agricultural blogs, organizations and individuals.

  • Social media only works if you participate and make your voice heard. Create your own content by talking about your experiences, take photos, or make a short video. It does not have to be fancy or professionally produced to be effective, it just has to be real and something people want to learn about.
  • Share a cool statistic you found, an interesting video, someone else’s post or share a neat article. Share anything you find interesting or useful and explain why you like it, chances are someone else will think it’s interesting too.
  • Participate in conversations on agriculture related Facebook pages.
  • Follow and comment on agriculture related blogs.
  • Are you harvesting your crop? Checking cows? Getting new birds? Doing anything farm related? Post a quick status or tweet about what you’re up to and why it is important.
Be yourself:
  • Give agriculture a face, your face. Upload photos of you and your farm or ranch. Show consumers that farming is still a family affair.
  • Sharing your thoughts, your photos and your products are important to spreading the positive message of agriculture.



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