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Women's Committee Reports

County Women’s Committees report activities accomplished during each fiscal quarter to the state Farm Bureau. Arkansas Farm Bureau’s fiscal year runs from November 1 to October 31, which results in the following report months and due dates:

Activity Report
Months Reported
Quarterly Report Due
Quarter 1 November, December, January February 15th
Quarter 2 February, March, April May 15th
Quarter 3 May, June, July August 15th
Quarter 4 August, September, October October 31st

Quarterly reports serve as a written record of each county’s accomplishments and are used to share ideas for activities and programs with other counties through the Women’s Newsletter.

Each quarter, the reports are reviewed and scored by the state Farm Bureau. One point is given for each activity completed by the county Women’s Committee. For large-scale activities, the county receives one point for the activity and one point for each commodity, program or category. The county with the most activities in their district, and the overall county with the most activities are awarded the state Outstanding Women’s Committee Award.

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