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Farm Bureau debuts new food blog site

10/24/2011 at 12:00 a.m.

LITTLE ROCK — Food. Everybody needs it. Everybody wants it. We think about it every day. We often plan our days around it. And many of our favorite TV shows are all about it.

With that in mind Arkansas Farm Bureau launches its “Taste Arkansas – from Farm to Table” blog site ( today.

Despite all of the time spent thinking about, preparing and eating it, relatively few of us really truly understands where our food comes from. Who raises it? How is it grown? How is it raised? How is it processed? How is it stored and packaged to eliminate worry about whether or not it’s safe to eat?

“I’m pretty excited that we’re answering these questions on our new blog site,” said Arkansas Farm Bureau Executive Vice President Ewell Welch. “It’s all about food.”

The site features a new recipe weekly and will include complete holiday meal recipes two weeks prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas respectively. Profiles of Arkansas farmers who grow and raise your food will appear monthly, and the site will also include updates on the latest food-related news. There’s even an opportunity for site visitors to post thoughts about food or share a favorite recipe.

“It’s critical to tell the story and importance of agriculture in today’s world and the farmer’s role in the food production process,” Welch added. “Agriculture’s relevancy to a growing world population has never been more important than it is today.

The blog site’s development is a direct result of Arkansas Farm Bureau’s new five-year strategic plan launched earlier this year. That plan recognizes that consumers, technology and agriculture are all changing and the importance of using the latest communications technology to tell the farming/food story to consumers.

“It’s part of our mission to advocate the interests of agriculture in the public arena, as well as to disseminate information concerning the value and importance of agriculture. The “Taste Arkansas” blog site is one of the technology vehicles we’ll use to do it,” Welch said.

For every mouth fed in the United States by American agriculture, 19 more people are fed worldwide by those efforts.

“What Saudi Arabia is to worldwide oil production, the U.S. is to worldwide food production,” Welch said. “We feed the world.

“The efficiencies improving agriculture during the past century are staggering in the benefits provided worldwide. However, public understanding often lags behind their support for the difficulties and trials farm families now face,” Welch added. “Recent success of books and films like “Food Inc.,” “Fast Food Nation,” “King Corn” and “Omnivore’s Dilemma” should be a wake-up call that not everyone holds farming in high regard.

“Public opinion can be fickle and easily swayed, whether by current events of deliberative manipulative propaganda pieces. The public’s attitude towards farmers is mostly positive, but most people don’t believe that “mainstream” farming is really farming,” Welch explained. “’Taste Arkansas’ will help tell the story of agriculture and food in Arkansas.”


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Arkansas Farm Bureau is a nonprofit, private advocacy organization of almost 220,000 families throughout the state working to improve farm and rural life.


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