Environmental Issues

Call to Action!

If you would like to help us in our ongoing effort to support the family owned and operated C&H Hog Farm in Mt. Judea and stand up for the property rights of farmers across the state, please read below and take action!

Click here to open an email to the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission, then copy and paste the message below into the body of your email and hit send.

Copy for Your Email:

Please use sound science and not emotion to make decisions on the Buffalo River Watershed Management Plan. Scientific data was used to determine the list of subwatersheds that may require additional management practices in the future, and Big Creek did not make that list. I respectfully request that you DO NOT add Big Creek to this list.

Why We Need Your Help

Critical Background Information:

The Beautiful Buffalo River Action Committee was organized by Governor Asa Hutchinson to establish an Arkansas led approach to identify and address potential issues of concern in the Buffalo River watershed, including the development of a voluntary, non-regulatory watershed management plan for the Buffalo River watershed.

On March 30, the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission held a Buffalo River Watesrshed Management Plan stakeholder meeting in Jasper. At that meeting, data analyzed by FTN Associates, Ltd. (FTN), an engineering and environmental consulting firm headquartered in Little Rock, were presented and discussed. These preliminary analyses were meant to help identify a set of specific subwatersheds within the Buffalo River watershed that currently appear to be susceptible to change or where changes have been occurring over the past 30 years and where the initiation of additional implementation of management practices might help.

These scientific analyses considered stream biology, 30 years of water quality data, NRCS concern assessment, and geology. Cumulative scores for each of these criteria for were computed for each subwatershed.

The subwatersheds that received the highest cumulative ranking, listed in upstream to downstream order, were:

  • Ponca & Whiteley Creek
  • Mill Creek*
  • Davis Creek
  • Calf Creek*
  • Bear Creek*
  • Brush Creek*
  • Tomahawk Creek
  • Water Creek

* Highest ranked subwatersheds.

What This Ranking Means:

Big Creek subwatershed was analyzed using the same process, but it WAS NOT HIGHLY RANKED, therefore it wasn’t listed. Opponents to C&H attending the meeting expressed a strong interest in Big Creek being added to this subwatershed list, despite the lack of scientific evidence to support such a move.

Why This Matters:

Opponents of C&H Hog Farm continue to rely on emotion rather than sound science in attempt to smear modern agriculture and push their agenda.  Right now staff with ANRC is being inundated with emails requesting that Big Creek be added to the list of highly ranked subwatersheds and we need your help to let them know this process should be about sound science and not emotion!