County Ag Promotions

Promoting the agriculture industry is a key part of the mission of Arkansas Farm Bureau. To better assist the county Farm Bureaus in promoting agriculture, we have developed a County Ag Promotion program. This program will provide the county Farm Bureaus tools and resources to promote agriculture each month. 

Each month we will have a Commodity or Commodities of the Month that will feature some of the top agricultural commodities in Arkansas. Additional information on project and activity ideas, sample proclamations, contests and social media resources can be found below.

 ArFB will post facts and ideas about the commodities on social media each month. We encourage you to share these posts on your county social media accounts, as well as, using the resources provided to create your own posts. We ask that you include the hashtag #ArkAg in each of your posts. The County Ag Promotion program will also provide resources and ideas for activities that can be counted toward Gold Star points in the Women’s Quarterly Reports, Commodity and Regulatory Affairs section and the Safety and Youth Activities section.

Your participation will help to make this a successful program, but more importantly, it will assist in spreading the word of agriculture in Arkansas.

Access Promotion Materials