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Statement concerning ADEQ findings, independent drilling at C&H Hog Farm

From Randy Veach, president, Arkansas Farm Bureau

“Our environmental experts looked over the data released today and they say it’s clear the team at C&H Hog Farms is doing the right things and are good stewards of the environment, as well as good neighbors to the Buffalo River watershed.  We should rely on sound science on this issue, not emotion. That’s why we support the Department of Environmental Quality’s independent research team from the University of Arkansas and we support these farmers, who have demonstrated their environmental stewardship at every turn.

“Frankly, the cries of wolf from the Buffalo River Watershed Alliance are proving to be irrational.

“The Big Creek Research team, the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, the federal Environmental Protection Agency, and now yet another third-party scientific team have either studied or inspected the farming and environmental practices of C&H. C&H Hog Farm has been subjected to more scientific scrutiny than any other in the state and very likely the country, and it has all shown the farm’s efforts to be protective of the Buffalo River, Big Creek and the watershed.

“We have said all along that agriculture and environmental interests can coexist in the Buffalo River, as they have for decades. Farmers are the utmost conservationists and environmentalists because they make their living from the land.

“We all want to protect the Buffalo River, and particularly those who live around it.”


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