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Farming is a stressful occupation that is associated with increased levels of anxiety and depression. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and to help promote awareness on this important topic, county Farm Bureau’s will have access to a toolkit provided by the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF). These materials focus on AFBF’s Farm State of Mind and Togetherall programs. Farm State of Mind is a campaign that builds awareness to reduce stigma and provide access to information and resources that promote farmer and rancher mental health awareness. Togetherall is a safe, anonymous online peer-to-peer community that is accessible 24/7 and moderated around the clock by licensed mental health professionals.

According to AFBF’s Farm State of Mind website, multiple studies show that farmer suicide rates are 2-5x higher than the national average. Experiences such as natural disasters, extreme weather events, financial uncertainty, fluctuating markets, labor shortages, trade disruptions and other factors all contribute to extreme stress for farmers and ranchers who often live in a very isolated setting. It is important to break the stigma around mental health challenges and encourage those struggling to reach out for help.

To build a sustainable future for agriculture for our nation and our world, we must promote the wellbeing of our nation’s farmers and ranchers. We are asking county Farm Bureau’s to help in promoting Mental Health Awareness Month. Use the links below to access the toolkit.

For more information or questions, please contact Jennifer Craig at or 501-228-1269.


Farm State of Mind

Farm State of Mind Flyer    

Click HERE to download the Farm State of Mind Resource Catalog


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