• Evan Teague
    Vice President, Commodity and Regulatory Affairs
  • John Bailey 
    Director, Commodity & Regulatory Affairs
    (Swine, Poultry, Environmental & Regulatory Issues)
  • Brandy Carroll
    Director, Commodity Activities and Market Information;
    (Rice, Cotton; Arkansas Rice Research and Promotion Board
  • John McMinn
    Director of Commodity Activities and Economics
    (Beef Cattle, Equine and Specialty Crops; Administrator of the Arkansas Catfish Promotion Board)
  • Mark Lambert
    Director, Commodity Activities and Economics
    (Wheat and Feed Grains; Arkansas Wheat Promotion Board
    Administrator; Arkansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Board Administrator)
  • Jake Cartwright
    Director, Commodity Activities and Economics
    (Aquaculture, Dairy and Forestry)
  • Donette Spann
    Arkansas Beef Council Promotion Director & Administrator of the Arkansas Beef Council
  • Amber Martin
    Commodity and Regulatory Affairs Assistant