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Delta School Garden, Integrated Learning

The mission of the Delta School in Wilson, Arkansas is to nourish every child’s strengths so each child is able to form healthy relationships, discover meaningful work, and make unique contributions to the world. The school’s state-of-the-art garden classroom allows all levels of learners to participate in the school garden initiative. It teaches students essential life skills and supports academic learning through hands-on classes in an organic garden. In this conversation, Kerry Sullivan, Director of the Lower School and Technology and Taylor Starkey, an instructor at the school who grew up in the Arkansas Delta, discuss how what the students learn in the garden classroom is integrated into other disciplines to teach them how to care for the environment, grow vegetables and plants and then use these skills to prepare them for life.

Kerry - Delta School
Kerry Sullivan

Director, Lower School & Technology
The Delta School Wilson, Arkansas

Taylor - Delta School
Taylor Starkey

The Delta School Wilson, Arkansas