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Official Statement: ADEQ Denial of C&H Hog Farm Reg. 5 Application

Arkansas Farm Bureau Statement

Re: ADEQ denial of C&H Reg. 5 application

The decision by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to deny C&H Hog Farm’s Reg. 5 application for insufficient information is decidedly unfair. This is an ominous sign, in fact, and an example of how government can function to the detriment of a citizen, private property owner and small business.

If this farm can’t be permitted, it’s likely no farm in Arkansas can meet Reg. 5 requirements. This farm has been through more environmental scrutiny than any other property in our state – without a single citation for violation. Yet, their permit is apparently being denied on a technicality, for what are apparently politically expedient, non-merits-based reasons and not on matters of science.

No matter one’s position on the merits of the C&H application, every private property owner and every business should care about how this was handled by ADEQ, because it diminishes faith in our government.   

All the owners of C&H Hog Farms have ever asked is to be treated fairly by ADEQ. They have complied with every request. They have not polluted. They are model farmers. This is exactly why we have fought so hard for meaningful right-to-farm laws.

The Arkansas Farm Bureau believes these farmers, and all property owners, should be able to use their land in compliance with the law.