Rank 3rd in the nation in cotton production—producing approximately 11% of the U.S. cotton crop.




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Cotton is a natural fiber grown from the earth. It has been cultivated and used to make fabric for at least 7,000 years. 

Scientists have developed many varieties through conventional and transgenic processes. These varieties are adapted to certain growing conditions and/or resistant to certain insects or herbicides. 

Cotton seed is planted in the spring when the air temperature is not lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit and soil temperature reaches a minimum of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Cotton seed germinates best when the soil temperature is closer to 85 degrees and there is plenty of moisture present in the soil.

Cotton farmers plant an average of 100,000 cotton seeds per acre!!

Seeds sprout within 2 weeks. 4-6 weeks later, buds (called squares) develop on the plant. 3 weeks later, those buds will be open white/yellow blooms. When pollinated, the blooms turn pink and then red before falling off. Once that happens, the plant begins to set bolls. It takes about 2 months from pollination for the cotton fiber to mature. Once the bolls open and the fibers dry, farmers will pick the cotton with a huge machine that separates the cotton from the plant and packs it tightly into modules.

Farmers take the cotton modules to a gin, which separates the cotton fiber from the seeds and other plant material. 

Each boll of cotton contains between 20 and 40 seeds, which are a valuable part of the crop. They can be fed to livestock and are a popular feed ingredient for dairy cows. They can also be crushed, and cottonseed oil can be found in many popular foods. 

Ginned cotton is spun into thread or yarn and then woven or knitted into fabric. It is used to make clothes, towels and bedding, medical supplies, hygienic products, and many more things you use every day.

A bale of cotton weighs approximately 480 pounds. One bale can make 6990 bath towels or 215 pairs of jeans. 

The U.S. dollar bill is 75% cotton. One bale can make 313,600 bills.